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"" Save the chosen servants of ALLAH; They will have a known provision: Fruits; and they shall be honoured, In the Gardens of Bliss, Seated on thrones, facing one another; They will be served round with a cup from a flowing fountain, Sparkling white, delicious to the drinkers; Wherein there will be no intoxication, nor will they be exhausted thereby. "" 37:40-47

"" So Allah saved them from the evil of that day, and granted them a light of beauty and joy. And He rewarded them for their patience a garden and raiments of silk. Reclining therein upon thrones, they will experience therein neither excessive heat nor bitter cold. And its shades will be close upon them, and its clustered fruits will be brought within their easy reach. And vessels of silver will be passed round among them, and goblets Bright as glass but made of silver, which they will measure according to their own wish. And therein will they be given to drink a cup tempered with ginger, From a spring named Salsabíl. And there will wait on them young ones with everlasting youth. When you see them, you think of them to be pearls scattered around. And when you look there (in paradise), you will see a delight and a vast kingdom. On them will be garments of fine green silk and gold embroidery. And they will be adorned with bracelets of silver. And their Lord will give them a pure beverage. They will be told: `This is your reward, and your effort is appreciated. "" 76:11-22

The Prophet (pbuh) said: " Whoever enters Paradise will be in joyfulness and never feel depressed, his cloths won't wear out and his youth won't persih."