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Sources of Information on Islam

Authentic Online Islamic Bookstores

Al-Basheer Islamic BookStore

Other useful sites

IslamWay ( Best islamic site of Quranic recitation and audio lectures)

American Open University

Prophet's Prayer

Salafi Publications

Muslim Scientists and Islamic Civilization

Muslim Students Association, University of Houston
From their homepage as of 1/3/99: "...We hope that you will find this site useful. Here you will find information about the activitiesof the MSA-UH and information on the great religion of Islam, based on the Words of Allah (Noble Qur'an), and the Way of His Messenger sall Allah alehi wasalam (Sunnah). Our goals are two-fold: Tazkiya (Purification) and Tarbiyya (Education)..."
Salim Morgan's Islamic Site
A site maintained by MSA-USC's primary weekly lecturer during the early and middle 90's, may Allah reward him. He has given many lectures based on classic sources containing authentic information.

Links to Al-Hadeeth Al-Shareef:

Muwatta Al- Imam Malik
Sahih Bukhari Hadith 
Sahih Muslim
Sunan Abu-Dawud
Hadith Search Engine

Junior Books