The Prescribed Prayer: Chapter Two (cont.)

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The Sharee'ah disapproves of the Musallee, the worshiper, who does the following things while he is in Salaah:
  1. Playing with one's garments or one's body unless there is valid reason for it. It is reported that the Prophet (s.'a.s.) said:

  2. "Whenever anyone of you stands for Salaah, the mercy of Allah is facing him, so he should not be wiping the pebbles." (Ahmad)

  3. Placing one's hand on the hips or back. Abu Hurairah reported the Prophet prohibited placing the hands on the hips in Salaah.
  4. Raising one's eyes to the sky. Abu Hurairah related that the Prophet said:

  5. "People who raise their eyes towards the sky in Salaah should stop doing that or their sight might be snatched away from them." (Muslim)

  6. Looking to what might occupy one's attention in Salaah. The Rasuul's wife, 'Aaishah said the Prophet prayed in a garment that had designs on it and said afterward:

  7. "Designs of this (garment) occupied my attention, so take it back to Abee Jahm and bring back the one without designs." (Muslim)

  8. Pointing to the sky with one's fingers while saying As-Salaamu 'Alaikum. Jaabir bin Sumrah reported that the Prophet said:

  9. "Why do these people salute with their hands that look like the tails of headstrong horses. It will suffice one of them to put his hands on his thighs and say 'As-Salaamu 'Alaikum'." (Nasaaee)

  10. Closing one's eyes and leaving one's hands on one's side.
  11. Praying while food is ready. Anas bin Maalim reported that the Prophet said:

  12. "When the supper is brought and the prayer begins, one should first take food." (Muslim)

  13. Praying while feeling like answering the call of nature. 'Aaishah reported that from the Prophet.
  14. Praying while feeling sleepy. It is reported the Prophet said:

  15. "If anyone of you feels drowsy he should sleep until it goes away from him, for if he continues to pray while he is drowsy, he may be asking for forgiveness and then insult himself or curse himself. (Muslim)

  16. Clinging to a special spot in the masjid so that one does not pray except on that spot. Abdur Rahmaan bin Shibl said:

  17. "The Prophet forbade (us) to pray (bowing or prostrate) like rave picking (seeds) or to spread (Our hands) like predatory animals, and to cling firmly to the spot in the Masjid like a camel that kneels down to a special spot." (Haakim)

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