The Prescribed Prayer: Chapter Two (cont.)

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Al-Iqaamah means to stand up for Salaah. It is Sunnah that it should be announced soon before the commencement of the Salaah by the Muaadhdhin (although someone else may announce it) whether the prayer is performed congregationally or individually.

The words of al-Iqaamah are the same as al-Adhaan, except that one announces twice after "Hayya 'alal Falaah:
Qad qaamatis Salaah Prayer is ready (two times)
Qad qaamatis Salaah

It is recommended that the hearer of al-Iqaamah should repeat after Al-Muqeem, the one who announces al-Iqaamah, but when he says "Qad qaamatis Salaah," the hearer should respond by saying:
Aqaamahallaahu wa May Allah keep it established forever!


Imaam Qurtabee and others, radiyallaahu 'anhum said: Al-Adhaan, despite the paucity of its words, contains the major issues of (our) Al- 'Aqeedah, creed. The Muadhdhin starts with the confession of the greatness of Allah. This indicates, among other things, the existence of Allah and His supremacy. Then he professes the Tauheed when he declares the oneness of Allah and the negation of Shirk. He then confirms the messengership of the Prophet Muhammad (s.a.s.). He calls us to a special obedience, taa'ah, immediately after the confirmation of Muhammad's messengership because the special obedience is known only through the Messenger. He then calls us to success, and that is the eternal existence which indicates our return to the Creator. Then he repeats it for emphasis.

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