The Prescribed Prayer: Chapter One (cont.)

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Wuduu is waajib, obligatory if one intends to do the following duties:
  1. Salaah, whether it is Fard or Sunnah prayer, including the Funeral Prayer. This is in accordance to the Sunnah, and the verse mentioned above. The Prophet said:

  2. "Allah will not accept a prayer without purification. .." (Muslim)

  3. Tawaaf, circumambulation around the Ka'abah. In Hadeeth the Prophet said:

  4. "Tawaaf is a prayer except that Allah allows speaking in it. But whoever speaks should not speak but good." (Tirmidhee)

  5. Touching Al-Mushaf, Al-Quran. Al-Quran should not be touched except by one who has Wuduu. This is in accordance with the Hadeeth in which the Prophet said:

  6. "Al-Quran should not be touched except by the one who is in purification." (An-Nasaaie)

    Besides, Wuduu is highly recommended before every good act in which one seeks Allah's blessings, such as making Wuduu before Dhikrillah, the remembrance of Allah by reciting Tasbih, and before going to bed.

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