The Prescribed Prayer: Chapter One (cont.)

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Nawaaqidul Wuduu are the factors that render Wuduu invalid, and when that happens Wuduu should be redone. These factors include:
  1. Occurrance of Al-Hadath, the impurity, whether it is a minor or major impurity, such as the discharge of urine, excrement, semenal discharge, and wind.
  2. Menstruation and the childbirth blood.
  3. Deep sleep.
  4. Being unconscious for any reason.
  5. Touching one's privates without a cover.
In the case of sexual intercourse, a semenal discharge, menstruation, and the childbirth blood, Ghusl is necessary. For wind, deep sleep, and physical contact with ones privates, one needs only to make a fresh Wuduu. As for urine and excrement, Istinjaa, washing with water, is needed before making Wuduu.


Touching a female without a cover does not nullify Wuduu. A'aishah related that:

"I used to sleep in front of the Prophet (while he was praying), my two feet in his direction, when he prostrates he touches me, and I contract my feet." (Muslim)

Issue of blood from any part of the body, other than the two bottom openings, does not nullify Wuduu. In Hadeeth related by Al-Hasan, Prophet Muhammad said:

"The Muslims have not ceased to pray in their wounds." (Al-Bukhaaree)

If someone doubts whether he nullified his Wuduu or not, his doubt will not invalidate his Wuduu, unless he is absolutely sure about it. According to Abu Hurairah, the Prophet said:

"If anyone of you feels something in his stomach, and he is not sure whether he discharged something or not, he should not leave the Masjid until he hears sound or smells odor." (Muslim/Abu Daawuud)

A decent conversation is allowed during Wuduu, for there is no Sunnah that prevents it.

The presence of a cover or shield on the parts of the body cleaned by Wuduu, such as nail polish or any of the beauty products that may shield the nails or skin and prevent water from reaching them, invalidates Wuduu. However, if these products do not prevent water from reaching these body parts, the Wuduu is valid.

The woman who has a prolonged flow of blood, known as Istihaadah, the person who suffers from dribbling of urine after urination, the one who suffers from a constant escape of wind - all these people should make Wuduu for every Salaah.

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